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Word and Phrase Search

Search for any word or phrase in the KJV bible. Search results will include Strong's numbers for all significant words in returned passages.
At present it doesn't appear to make any difference wether you tick the "Show Strong's" check-box or not. Numbers can be turned on or off on the results page.


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Jesus faith love,
or God of my salvation, or believ* ever*

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Strong's Search

A Strong's number search tool that searches a Hebrew/Greek concordance plus a lexicon for any Strong's number.


Enter a Strong's Number
e.g. 2424 Greek


Hebrew/Greek Search by English Definitions

This search tool will return all Hebrew and Greek root words that have been translated to the English word entered into the search box.


To search for words in the BLB Lexicon using English definitions, type the word in the entry box below. This tool is helpful to compare the different Hebrew/Greek words used for their English equivalents (e.g. mercy). It is nicknamed "LexiConc" because it is a concordance of the Lexicon. Help.
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